We provide fully managed hosting on our Servers

Website Hosting.

Typical issues with unlimited bandwidth hostings

Your site is hosted along with hundreds other websites in a metered bandwidth that can't take a load of few visitors at a time, as a result the website loads very slowly.

Often any visitor comes on your website, even if your website looks refreshing, if it does not load, it is likely that the user switches to other websites.

You don't have website budgets to go for Dedicated servers as they are expensive at the same time support required to manage dedicated servers is more expensive than server cost

Cloud hostings send you huge bills every month and there's still no one to troubleshoot those server issues faced or the cost required for technical support is too high.

What do we offer:

Our servers are managed by us, we have experience of deploying servers and server related technology for more than a decade.

Our packages are tailored according to the size of your website and number of visitors monthly on your website.

We check your website size and calculate bandwidth required monthly and suggest a hosting package for you.

When your website bandwidth usage increases you can simply upgrade for extra bandwidth or extra space from us.