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Design matters. दिखता है, वो बिकता है.

Designing a website is a form of Creative Expression for us and we do it for our clients worldwide.​


Retention depends on the quality of Product / Service.We take care of Design + good website experience without you having to sell your kidney.

Honesty, Integrity and using our expertise in delivering optimum solutions in clients budget are the founding pillars for our 1st generation business in this competitive IT sector.

We have been using our knowledge across multiple technologies and delivering optimum technology for clients, wherein our clients don’t spend unnecessary budgets for the sake of big fancy technology names rather spend on what is required and where it is required.

Our Service philosophy is that of Invisible IT for our clients, everything is managed and taken care of.

We design below websites

Design is the silent Ambassador of your brand.

Integrated Sofwares offers services in website development, Ecommerce, Search Engine Optimization, Online Media Marketing.

Our success has been built on passion for technology along with professionalism and customer satisfaction.

We understand your requirements and provide efficient cost effective solution

We understand your requirements and objectives.

Once requirements are analyzed we discuss site plan & design with you.

We carft a beautiful website including objectives in mind.

You Review website with us.

Launching of your website.

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